Tinnitus Control

My first experience with tinnitus, or I should say my first real awareness of the condition, was my first night in college, in my dorm room, and it was absolutely maddening. I was trying to sleep, away from home and the familiar background hum of the central air-conditioning, heating, or overhead fan, when into that complete silence came a low, sharp ringing. Of course, I was convinced the ringing was an external noise—a faulty electrical connection, a live wire, I didn’t know what. But it grew louder, then softer, wavering in intensity but never disappearing entirely. My roommates were oblivious. They slept like babies. It was then I realized the ringing was in my ears.

If it wasn’t for Tinnitus Control, and its safe but powerful homeopathic blend, I don’t know where I would be right now.

From that first ringing in my ears, my tinnitus had gotten progressively worse, affecting not only my sleep on quiet nights but also my ability to hear soft sounds. I was constantly finding myself asking people to repeat themselves in conversation. It was frustrating and, frankly, more than a little distressing. I was afraid I was going deaf.

Tinnitus can be caused by several factors—ear infections, hard wax buildup, allergies preventing fluid drainage in your sinuses, or other, more serious issues, such as a brain injury or congenital disease. But for me, and the vast majority of the tens of millions of Americans suffering from tinnitus, it’s caused by noise-induced damage to the delicate hairs of the inner ear, the stereocilia. These hairs vibrate in response to sound waves entering the ear canal, and trigger signals which pass into the brain and get decoded into our subjective sensation of sound. Excessively loud noise sustained over a long enough period, whether from heavy machinery, construction work, or just flat-out cranking your music up too often, can destroy this delicate balance in the inner ear.

While my tinnitus manifested in a sharp ringing, others have reported buzzing, clicking, hissing, whining, or a kind of “cricket chirping.” And these are just the primary effects. Secondary effects can spiral into severe frustration and anger, all the way down to, in some cases, depression. Of course, the range of symptom severity runs the spectrum of mild to almost debilitating in its intensity. Whatever the severity of your tinnitus, if you were like me, you just want it to stop.

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I tried all kinds of treatments, from pharmaceutical to questionable dietary and “behavioral” changes. The pharmaceutical solutions were expensive and, really, targeted only my perception of the ringing. When I stopped taking the drugs, the ringing, of course, returned. Honestly, I had better, and cheaper, results by just leaving a loud fan on in the background of whatever room I was in. The dietary and behavioral changes were more kooky, wishful thinking than hard science, and while a better diet is always a good thing, none of these changes helped my tinnitus in the slightest.

I had pretty much resigned myself to having this uncomfortable ringing in my ears for the rest of my life. Then a friend recommended Tinnitus Control. To be honest, wary after all the past failures, I didn’t have a lot of hope for this product. I can’t make any promises that Tinnitus Control will work for everyone, and of course, as with all medicine, your mileage will vary, but for me, Tinnitus Control worked like a charm.

Two sprays under the tongue three times daily, and two capsules twice-daily, and, sure enough, my ringing went from a painful condition to a mild annoyance, to now, a thing of the past. After so many failures with other products, I was, shall we say, pleasantly surprised.

Tinnitus Control’s homeopathic blend boosts the body’s own damage responses, alleviating the ringing while also targeting the root cause deep in the delicate world of your inner ear. The product is relatively cheap, with a great return policy. So there’s really nothing to lose. If you had a chance to, at worst, reduce the horrible ringing in your ears, or at best get rid of it forever, isn’t that a chance you should take?

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